BoneSmart Knee and Hip Replacement Patient Awareness
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Spring 2024

Joint Replacement Awareness Day® is an online educational event for people suffering from joint pain and considering, planning, or having had hip or knee replacement surgery. We are proud to announce the 5th Annual Joint Replacement Awareness Day® program to be held in the spring of 2024.

This event will bring together leading orthopedic surgeons, related clinicians and patients to share their knowledge and stories. You’ll learn everything you need to know pre-operatively and post-operatively that make joint replacement one of the most successful means of helping patients regain their quality of life and get back to activities that matter most to them. The ultimate goal of Joint Replacement Awareness Day® is to abate fear and dispel confusion and anxiety surrounding joint replacement surgery and provide the comfort patients such as yourself need to pursue treatment confidently.

We want you to be a part of this free public service educational event so SIGN UP for updates the live streaming event being held Spring 2024.

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