Exhibitor Room: BeBottle

Exhibitor Room


The be bottle company has done thorough research on the bottle market and we found a large gap. What we found was that no one created an insulated bottle that has a removable bottom (patents pending). We are proud to say we are the first insulated bottle on the market to make your bottle easier to clean by having a removable bottom. This also allowed us to include a stainless steel infuser so you can add fruit, ice, or even tea leaves.

The “be the change” movement gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible. By joining the movement as a team or group of friends we are simply asking you to reduce your use of single use plastic bottles. All supporters have exclusive access to be able to purchase a BoneSmart be bottle at a discounted cost with a portion of the proceeds being directly contributed to BoneSmart.

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